My natural dyed pot underlay

A nice project during the summer!

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Beskrivning av tjänsten

One of Aggi's most popular crafts is her pot underlays, made of wool balls. The creation of these underlays takes time and thus requires patience and determination, perfect ingredients in the pursuit of mindfulness. Now I want to offer you an opportunity to create a similar pot underlay for yourself or for someone you like. The course, or project as it may be, is divided into three parts: 1. Felting wool balls 2. Coloring them with natural ingredients (preferably have a theme, eg summer flowers or vegetables) 3. Sewing the balls together into a pot underlay Before each step, I will go through the basics and show you how to do it. I will do this via a video that you will receive. You will also receive a small booklet with all instructions. You will get to try making wool balls and dye naturally before it's time to create the balls that will be your pot base. In connection with you trying, there will be room to ask me questions. During the summer you get to work with your balls at your own pace and then we have a reunion on September 4th. Then I will show you how to sew your pot underlay. The following week we will have some contact, in case you have any questions or concerns. Then you can work with your underlay at your own pace and when you are finished with it, send me a photo of your masterpiece :) In addition to all "lessons", the following things are included in the course price: - Carded wool (100% Swedish wool) that is sufficient for a large pot holder. Most of the wool will consist of the shade white, but you will also get some wool in the natural shades of light gray, gray and dark gray. This is if you want wool balls in any of these colors in your pot underlay. - 3-pack felt needles - A small foam rubber plate for felting - Two sewing needles and thread that is enough for your project - A written instruction with all steps In addition to the above, you will need: - Liquid green soap - 1 to 6 teaspoons (classic tea ball with net and clamp) The number depends on how many you want to be able to make at the same time - A large bowl for the wet felting the wool balls - A saucepan (2-3 liters) for dyeing (stainless steel or enamel) - Salt and possibly white wine vinegar Last day for booking: Monday 9 May An invoice will be sent to you on the 25 April and then you have 14 days to pay the course fee. Minimum number of participants: 10

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